Hydrogen Generator By Electrolysis

Water electrolysis

Producing hydrogen by water electrolysis is not a very complex operation.

Water brought to the electrolyser is transformed in oxygen and hydrogen thanks to the input of electrical power. Straightforward and efficient.

Hydrogen Generator By ElectrolysisHydrogen Generator By ElectrolysisHydrogen Generator By ElectrolysisHydrogen Generator By Electrolysis
Hydrogen generator using electrolysis
Hydrogen production for power plant 14m3/h 200barg (China)
High capacity electrolyser - 485nm3
Hydrogen Production for power plant 2x14nm3/h - 100 barg (Lybia)


Reliable H2 production
Our atmospheric electrolysers can be found among the strongest and the most reliable in the world. Our electrolysers are able to produce hydrogen continuously during several years without any major stops.
The electrolyser itself only needs a general revision every 7 to 9 years. Thanks to the last 80 years’ technological optimization, and to the use of our products in different indistrial fields, today our technology is matched by no other. No matter the application, it provides a reliable hydrogen production.
Safe operation

Our electrolysers conform to the strictest safety standards. We build them according to the European standard and they bear the CE label. During operation, the plant is continuously made secure by control and alert systems. Our design ensures an immediate stop in case of equipment failure or mistake in handling. Conception specifics ensure a safe operation:

  • The diaphragms and cell jointings are free of asbestos.
  • The fact that gas and electrolytes circulation happens inside the cell eliminates the risk of leaking.
High flexibility

To the difference of other suppliers, we design the production unit inorder to adapt it to the clients’ conditions. Thus the clients can select the specific modules necessary to their own productions in terms of gas output, pressurization and quality.
From the start of conception, NEL can foresee possible future extensions. This can be considered with the mere addition of complementary cells to the initial electrolyser, as long as it had been foreseen for the other modules.

Cost-efficient Solution

As soon as the electrolysis unit has been installed, power is its only major operating cost. NEL has developped a specific lining in order to reduce this energy comsumption. These electrolysers are the ones with the lowest energy consumption of the market, thus reducing the operating cost to a minimum.
With our system of specific control by PLC, the production unit is entirely automated and runs without supervision. Only periodic inspections are necessary.
The maintenance cost of each NEL electrolysis unit is negligible. The annual maintenance cost usually represents 1 to 2% of the material investment as a whole. One exception however is the major planned revision – every 7 to 9 years.
NEL electrolysers have a great lifetime, typically 30 to 100 years of production, as long as the proposed maintenance procedures are followed.
The maximum capacity for one electrolyser is 500 Nm³/h – the biggest on the global market. This makes it possible to avoid the complexity of managing several utilities simultaneously, which is an issue frequentely encountered with our competitors.