Sertronic POU purifiers

Sertronic point of use purifier

Sertronic point of use purifier

The SERTRONIC Line purifiers have been designed to remove impurities such as O2 and H2O from industrial gases (N2, O2, H2, Ar, CO2…)

The SERTRONIC line was designed to treat a gas volume ranging from 250Nm3 to 500Nm3.

The purification rates obtained are an O2 level < 0.1ppmv and an H2O level <0.4ppmv.

The main uses for the SERTRONIC purifiers are: gas chromatography (GLPC), dectection by electron capture, spectrometry, controlled atmosphere, reference gas, R&D, microelectronics, laboratories…

Summary of specifications with an input of H2O = 5 ppmv et O2 = 5 ppmv
Products250CT250CT VCR500C500T500D VCR
Carrier gasNoble gasNoble gasNoble gasNoble gas + H2,O2,CO2Hydrogen
Inlet/outlet connectionsDB 1/4″VCR 1/4″DB 1/4″DB 1/4″VCR 1/4″
Maximum pressure(bar)5050505050
Maximum flow rate at 5 bar3,6 Nm3/h3,6 Nm3/h3,6 Nm3/h3,6 Nm3/h3,6 Nm3/h
Diameter (mm)4242424242
Weight (kg)22222
Volume of impurities removed1,25L O2; 1,25L H2O1,25L O2; 1,25L H2O2,5L O22,5L O22,5L O2
Nm3 gas processed250250500500Continu
Outlet specifications (ppmv)O2<0,1; H2O<0,4O2 <0,1; H2O<0,4O2 < 0,1H2O<0,4O2 < 0,1