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Founded in 1985, the SERTGAS company, which has become SERTRONIC, specializes in the implementation of the catalysers and adsorbants used in gas conditionning processes.


The experience we aquired allowed us to extand our range of products and services.



h2_cryo_air_liquide_redimToday, we conduct business in five fields of expertise:

Located in the greater Paris area, SERTRONIC employs:

  • a designing department equipped with the most current computer-aided design software (CAD),
  • a boilermaking workshop with welding and sheet metal equipment.




photo torcy derriereSERTRONIC relies on the competence of its staff, whose qualifications are regularly updated through training and the appropriate quality control, to guarantee consumer satisfaction and product performance.

This high level of know-how as well as an ongoing progressist company policy have enabled us to meet the following standards:

  • ATEX 94/9/CE
  • DESP 97
  • ASME
  • CE 93/42
  • 98/37/CE
  • 77-23/CEE
For each product offered, we’re able to conduct the engineering, manufacturing, implementation and maintenance (preventive and curative).

Our exclusive representation of NEL (formely NorskHydro) in France, with the full range of their electrolysers, is an acknowledgement of our abilities and know-how in the gas and hydrogen business.


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