Gas Purifiers

The SERTRONIC company has specialized in the purification of the industrial gases for 25 years and is now recognized as an expert in the design and production of gas processing systems.

The main technologies used are: catalysis on precious and common metals, adsorption on a moleculare sieve at ambient temperature and low temperature, chimisorption.

Each purifier is designed to fit our client’s technical, economic and environmental constraints and expectations. Once the technical specificities have been determined, SERTRONIC takes charge of the design and manufacturing of the purifier, using its engineering office and its own production workshop.

The purification units are designed to meet the main current international standards: ATEX 94/9/CE, DESP 97/23/CE, ASME…

Gas PurifiersGas PurifiersGas PurifiersGas PurifiersGas Purifiers
Purifier type SAC - 35 000 Nm³/h - 8 barg (Air Liquide India)
Sertronic point of use purifier
Subtronic point of use purifier
Subtronic purifier type EF 500 Nm³/h-385 barg (Air Liquide - Blanc Mesnil)
The SERTRONIC purifiers exist in the following categories, depending on the level of impurities expected and the quantity of gas to be treated (input, pressure):