Point Of Use Gas Purifiers

sertronic and subtronic POU linesThe “point of use” purifiers were designed to remove the main impurities present in industrial gases by catalysis and adsorption on molecular sieve.

Entirely built in stainless steel, the point of use purifiers are regenerable in our workshop and have a very low environmental impact. Lifetime of POU purifiers is 10 years.

Applications : CPG, spectrometers, calibration gases, micro-electronic gases, controlled atmosphere, welding gases purification, drying line…

The standard POU purifiers are available in two main categories, the Sertronic® line to remove H2O and O2, and the Subtronic® line to remove the main impurities contained in rare gases, argon and nitrogen : H2O, O2,CH4, CO, CO2….

These gas purification systems are easy to install and use, and can be proposed with several kinds of panel mounted systems, such as the DUAL system which permits a continuous pure gas production. To prevent the dust produced by the passage of the gas from spreading into the client’s circuits, the POU purifiers are equipped with internal filters (20µm).

To answer to all the special need and specifications, we also implement “specific” point of use purifiers that fit your own technical constraints : high pressure, lower level of impurities expected, corrosive gases…