Subtronic POU Purifiers

Point of use purifier

Subtronic point of use purifier

The Subtronic purifiers have been designed to remove the main impurities that can be found in noble gases, making it possible to obtain ultra pure gases.
These point of use gas purifiers remove the O2, CO and CO2 from noble gases such as N2, Ar…

The dimensions of the Subtronic purifiers make it possible to treat a volume of 500 Nm3 of gas.

The purity obtained is in the order of 1 ppb.

The main domains of use are: purification of welding gases, drying line, neutral gases for microelectronics, standard reference gas for analysis.

Specifications of the SUBTRONIC purifiers
Product500 N
Carrier gasesNeutral gases, Argon, Nitrogen
Impurities removedH2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4
Inlet/outlet connections1/4 ‘’ MVCR
Maximum pressure(bar)50
Maximum flow rate at 5 bar5Nm3/h (80NL/min)
Longueurs (mm)200 / 300
Diameter (mm)90
Internal filter(μm)20
Volume of impurities removed2.5 L
Nm3 gas processed500
Outlet specifications (ppmv)1ppb
RegenerationAt the plant