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Completed projects

CETH2fr2014Hydrogen purification unit D 24-1624 Nm3/h16 barg
CETH2fr2013Hydrogen purification unit D 30-1530 Nm3/h15 barg
SOLVAYfr(Tavaux)2012Industrial gas drying unit SAC 188-2.4188 Nm3/h2.4 barg
AIR LIQUIDE SANTEfr (Frais Marais)2011N2O purification / cracking unit DMF 850-1850 Nm3/h1 barg
AIR LIQUIDE INDIAin20102 x Nitrogen purification units SAC 17000-1034 000 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDE EGYPTeg2010Hydrogen purification unit D 200-220200 Nm3/h220 barg
AREVAfr (Miramas)2007Hydrogen cyrogenic purification unit EF 30-1030 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDEfr2006Hydrogen cryogenic purification unit EF 715-100715 Nm3/h100 barg
PRAXAIRbe(Belgium)2002Nitrogen purification unit SAC 30-23030 Nm3/h230 barg
PRAXAIRbe(Belgium)2002Argon purification unit N 15-1515 Nm3/h15 barg
LINDEfr(Fos sur mer)1999Hydrogen purification unit D 900-250900 Nm3/h250 barg
LINDEfr1999Hydrogen Cryogenic purification unit EF SAC 450-250450 Nm3/h250 barg
EDFcn(China)1998Hydrogen purification SAC 15-20015 Nm3/h200 barg
AIR LIQUIDEes(Spain)1997Inert gas purification unit C 5-2205 Nm3/h220 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/BP CHEMICALSfr1996Nitrogen purification unit1 000 Nm3/h40 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/SOLVAYfr1995Helium purification unit EF D 200-25200 Nm3/h25 barg
LINDEfr1995Nitrogen purification unit150 Nm3/h230 barg
SAGIMcn(China)1995Hydrogen purification unit SAC 15-20015 Nm3/h200 barg
CERT ONERAfr1994Air purification unit SAC 1500-801500 Nm3/h80 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/YPFar(Argentina)1994Air purification unit SAC 1500-801500 Nm3/h80 barg
AIR LIQUIDE BOZnl(Netherlands)1993Hydrogen purification unit D 1800-221800 Nm3/h22 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/CARBONICAgr(Greece)1990Hydrogen purification unit D 300-200300 Nm3/h200 barg
LINDEfr(Porcheville)1990Hydrogen purification unit D 400-300400 Nm3/h300 barg
AIR LIQUIDE DGRfr1989Helium/Neon purification unit SAC 18-2518 Nm3/h25 barg
AIR LIQUIDE DGRfr1988Krypton/Xenon purification unit SAC 2-32 Nm3/h3 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/SMOAma(Morocco)1994Hydrogen purification unit D 150-200150 Nm3/h200 barg
AIR LIQUIDE ENGINEERINGfr (Blanc Mesnil)2013Helium cryogenic purification unit D 500-380500 Nm3/h380 barg
AIR LIQUIDEfr(Blanc Mesnil)2011Helium purification unit C 240-240240 Nm3/h240 barg
CNRS LMAfr2007Oxygen purification unit M 5-105Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDE DTAfr2005Nitrogen purification unit N 5-105 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDEfr(Miribel)2001Oxygen purification unit M 5-105 Nm3/h10 barg
PRAXAIRbe(Belgium)2001Argon purification unit C 5-105 Nm3/h10 barg
TEKELEC/TEMEXfr2001Hydrogen purification unit D 10-2010 Nm3/h20 barg
ALCATELfr2000Oxygen purification unit M 30-1030 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/PHILIPSfr1994Oxygen purification unit M 50-1050 Nm3/h10 barg
ALCATELfr1993Oxygen purification unit M 20-1020 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/TOPSILdk(Denmark)1992Argon purification unit C 30-1030 Nm3/h10 barg
AIR LIQUIDE/PHILIPSfr1992Oxygen purification unit M 10-1010 Nm3/h10 barg
ALCATELfr19902 Oxygen purification units C 12-1012 Nm3/h10 barg
THOMSON SGSfr1988Hydrogen purification unit D 15-2015 Nm3/h20 barg
NEL H2no(Norway)1994 – PresentRepresenting in France the company manufacturing generators of Hydrogen through electrolysis5 to 450 Nm3/h200 barg
ALSTOMdz(Algeria)2009Generator of Hydrogen by electrolysis
GESCOly(Lybia)2006Two Generators of Hydrogen by electrolysis5 Nm3/h200 barg
EDF Laibincn(China)2000Generation, production and storing of Hydrogen14 Nm3/h200 barg
AREVAfr2007Hydrogen cryogenic purification unit EF 30-1030 Nm3/h10 barg
AREVA (Technicadome)fr2003Hydrogen electrolysis and Oxygen purification unit0.5 Nm3/h5 bar
CEA DAMfr2001Catalytic purification unit for tritiated air(detritiation)5 Nm3/h
AREVAfr2000Hydrogen cryogenic purification unit EF 30-1030 Nm3/h10 bar
CEA DAMfr2000Xenon concentration system9 Nm3/h4 bar
SGNfr1995Argon/Hydrogen mixer90 Nm3/h4 barg
COGEMAfr19941 Exchanger + 2 adsorbant vessels100 Nm3/h1 barg
COGEMAfr1994Helium purification unit SAC 100-1100 Nm3/h1 barg
CEA DAMfr19943 Mercury traps (patended by Sertgas)3×250 Nm3/h
COGEMA/MELOXfr1993Argon/Hydrogen mixer90 Nm3/h4 barg
CEA DAMfr1993Purification for tritium removal15 Nm3/hatm.
CEA DAMfr1993Cooling exchanger for Tritium removal20 Nm3/hatm.
COGEMAfr1992Catalytic humidifier Ar/H225 Nm3/h200 mbarg
CEA DAMfr19903 Units for Tritium removal250 Nm3/hatm.
CEA DAMfr1990Air purification unit SAC 50-150 Nm3/hatm.
CEA DAMfr1990Purification system model unit M 1-1.11 Nm3/h1.1 barg
CEA DAMfr1990Purification unit SAC 50-150 Nm3/hatm.
COGEMAfr1990Argon/Hydrogen mixer25 Nm3/h8 barg
COGEMAfr1990Argon/Hydrogen humidification system18 Nm3/h300 barg
ECMSSA/ABSOGERfr2006-2007Medical Oxygen Generator – PSA1 Nm3/h4,5 barg
ECMSSA/SNPEfr1990-2002Chemical medical Oxygen Generator10 Nm3/h300 barg